After almost two decades of experience in the design and implementation of water treatment systems in the naval, industrial and land sectors, in 2017 the direction of DESSAL changed into the hands of an engineer with environmental concerns. The company is adapting to current needs and today offers digital support to achieve greater efficiency and organization. DESSAL is committed to transparency in terms of products and prices and shows a good part of its articles in the online store, with a minimum stock of each product to optimize times.


They make up a heterogeneous group from the marine, industrial and terrestrial sectors with a high level of demand and a priority focus on results as common elements. We have shipyards, nautical and fishing companies, laboratories. Also with end customers who need technical advice and products and with terrestrial companies that need to desalinate or make their aquifers drinkable (hotels, campsites, restaurants).


DESSAL is dedicated exclusively to water treatment systems and works every day focused on the client to provide a fast and quality SERVICE.



PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION , known simply as PARKER, is an American corporation founded in 1917 that is a world leader in motion control technologies. With more than 50,000 employees worldwide, Parker works in aerospace, climate control, process control, electromechanical, filtration, fluid and gas handling, sealing and shielding, hydraulics and pneumatics. Since 1957 the company has been acquiring others including Hannifin, HRO, Village Marine and Sea Recovery.


In the late 1990s SPECTRA revolutionized watermaker technology with the introduction of the Clark pump , the first energy recovery pump designed specifically for small-scale desalination. This pump reduces the amount of energy consumption, in some systems by up to 75%, compared to conventional energy recycling systems. Since then, the Spectra brand has become synonymous with innovation in desalination technology.