Dessal has been working with water purifiers since the times when it was not common in Spain to carry a water purifier on board a pleasure boat. At that time there were not many brands on the market.

Our team has received specialized training from the main brands on the market in the US and Switzerland. After offering technical service for years in Spain and other parts of the world, our technicians go one step further and launch their own brand of water purifiers on the market: DessaLine.

Sammy models produce from 40 to 200 l/h. These are simple, robust and modular water purifiers, devoid of electronics to reduce the possibility of breakdown. And most importantly, they meet their objective of producing quality water at a reasonable price.

Thanks to our experience and direct dealings with our clients, it has been possible to design this water purifier with some unique features on the market, such as our patented easy-to-anchor clamps that facilitate installation and allow it to be mounted vertically.

Those who visited us at the last edition of the Barcelona Boat Show were able to attend its presentation. Thank you all for making this possible!

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