The manual watermaker is used above all for emergencies. It is a simple system, specially designed to be compact and lightweight. It is ideal for lifeboats and individual survival kits. Now we put several examples of the KATADYN brand:

KATADYN SURVIVOR 06 is the smallest watermaker on the market, for personal use, weighing only 1Kg and which has the trust and experience of thousands of people around the world. Produces 1 liter/hour.

KATADYN SURVIVOR 35 is used worldwide by travelers and adventurers and military groups. It is the emergency watermaker par excellence in lifeboats, airplanes and survival kits. With a weight of only 3kg it is light enough to transport it on board any boat. It does not rely on electricity and can provide 4.5 liters of fresh water per hour. Ideal for 3-4 people.

KATADYN POWER SURVIVOR 40E is a compact and energy-efficient watermaker, the first model of compact machines that already uses current (only 4 amps of consumption at 12 V and 2 amps at 24 V) or, in case of a shortage power, it is the only system on the market that can be converted to manual. It is a simple and robust seawater purifier, easy to operate and maintain and with an ideal design to place it in the smallest compartments, especially for competition sailboats and long-distance voyages .

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