Wallas is a Finnish brand with more than 50 years of history, known throughout the world, which takes great care of every detail and creates reliable and long-lasting products. The heating systems, domestic water heating, hobs and ovens run on diesel, have an elegant design and are made of excellent materials. Wallas also offers a line that works with paraffin.

The legendary quality of these Scandinavian products makes all the difference in the market. With technical support throughout the world, they continue to sell components that further extend the life of their products. They are products made to last and there are still many heating machines that continue to function beyond 20 years and have been passed down from father to son.

We are now going to detail some of the strengths of WALLAS HEATING EQUIPMENT compared to its main competitors:

  • Aluminum exterior and stainless steel interior.
  • Gas exhaust pipe without the need for additional insulation, since it is contained inside the air intake pipe. In this way an insulating effect is achieved and the temperature of the outer tube does not exceed 50⁰C.
  • In the event of a breakdown, it is not necessary to change the entire burner, as it is easily disassembled to clean or change the inner mat.
  • Software and hardware that allow a specialized technician to connect Km away with the machine to evaluate its operation and detect errors. Likewise, with the mobile application, you can connect with the equipment remotely and control the temperature to prepare for arrival at the boat/motorhome/remote house.
  • The ignition of the equipment is carried out progressively to avoid high peaks in energy consumption and poor combustion, thus obtaining optimal results at the level of gas emissions.
  • Less humid and healthier interior environment due to the control of gas emissions.
  • Extremely quiet equipment: lower total values ​​in dB.
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