A consolidated watermaker brand with a strong track record and experience guarantees that we will find spare parts after several years of the system's life. If this brand has a very wide network of distributors throughout the world, there will be technical service, guarantees and spare parts wherever you travel.

If we talk about technical aspects, we must differentiate between an analog system and an electronic system.

The analog system has less applied technology, which is why it is more economical. The high pressure pump is the heart of the system, so a good pump guarantees continuous work and hours of operation. Dessal works with systems that use CAT, General Pump and Clark pumps. If the material is not suitable for working with seawater, after about 5 years, the pump will start to show corrosion and pressure leaks. It must be taken into account that the membrane works at the 60 bar of pressure supplied by this pump.

In an electronic system, there will be a plate that will read the production salinity sensor, the overpressure of the high-pressure pump, it will detect if the seawater feed pump works empty, it will count the hours of operation of the system and it will indicate all these input parameters on a display or screen. In addition, the water treatment plant will stop us in case of risk or diversion of salt water to the fresh water tank. All this technology is more expensive than an analog model.

It is advisable that the membrane containers in both systems (analog or electronic) be made of fiber to avoid corrosion. Likewise, they must be resistant to withstand up to 100 bars. It is also necessary to take into account what type of feed pump the system supplies and that the internal elements of the pump are anticorrosive seals, such as ceramics and internal elements made of resins, elastomers, brass, etc.

The Spectra-Katadyn brand provides all the necessary accessories, which is appreciated at the time of installation. As shown in these photos, Spectra takes great care of the details for a correct installation. It provides the stainless steel clamping rings, hoses, a hose with a quick connection for washing, all the necessary fittings, the keys to change filters, a portable digital salinometer and even a roll of Teflon. As we can see, the connection between the Clark pump and the membrane is made through a rigid stainless steel high-pressure tube instead of the frequent high-pressure hoses that are cheaper.

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