After almost two decades of experience in the design and implementation of water treatment systems in the nautical, naval and landbased sectors, in 2017 changed DESSAL’s business manager and an engineer with environmental concerns took the helm and adapted the company to current needs. DESSAL offers digital support to achieve greater efficiency and organization and bets on the transparency of products and prices showing many of the articles in the online store, with a minimum stock of each product to optimize time.


They compose a heterogeneous group of the nautical, naval and landbased sectors with a high level of exigency and a priority focus on the results as common elements. We have naval shipyards, nautical and fishing companies, laboratories. We also count with final clients who require technical advice or products and with terrestrial companies that need to desalinate or purify their aquifers (hotels, campsites, restaurants).


DESSAL is exclusively dedicated to water treatment systems and works day to day focused on the customer to provide a fast and quality service.



PARKER HANNIFIN CORPORATION, usually referred to as just PARKER, is an American corporation specialized in motion and control technologies. With more than 50000 employees worldwide, Parker works in aerospace, climate control, process control, electromechanics, filtration, fluid and gas handling, sealing and shielding, hydraulics and pneumatics. Since 1957 the corporation has been acquiring others, including Hannifin, HRO, Village Marine and Sea Recovery.

HRO Systems was founded in 1975 and pioneered the creation of one of the first small-scale reverse osmosis desalination systems at a time when the only means of producing potable water aboard was to catch rain or use bulky and inefficient heat evaporation systems.

Village Marine, with more than 30 years of history, was also a pioneer specializing in systems that support the most difficult environments, achieving a great reputation for reliability by producing robust and direct systems that support the hardest environments (Village Marine has been the exclusive provider of watermakers for American disaster relief programs under NASA, FEMA, the Navy and Army).

Sea Recovery has manufactured the most innovative and intuitive watermakers for the past 30 years. Engineering systems that combine style with functionality have made Sea Recovery the number one watermaking brand among marine consumers and boatbuilders around the world. The innovative line of watermakers suits every need in the boating industry, from the fully automated Aqua Matic to the miniature Aqua Whisper Mini Series to the energy efficient Ultra Whisper system.

HRO, Village Marine and Sea Recovery offer reliable and innovative watermakers that have earned the highest rank of customer confidence and satisfaction in the industry.

In the last years Parker has invested a good part of his budget in R & D.


In the late 90’s SPECTRA revolutionized the watermaker with the successful launch of the Clark Pump, the first energy recovery pump designed specifically for small scale desalination. This pump lowers the amount of energy consumption, in some systems as much as 75%, over conventional systems by recycling energy. Since then, the Spectra brand has become synonymous with innovation in desalination technology.

The product line ranges from hand operated watermakers that can make 6 gallons a day to our
largest system that produces 10,000 gallons of fresh, potable water per day.

With less than 1% of the global fresh water supply deemed potable, Spectra’s watermakers are opening new sources of high quality, safe, fresh drinking water. Spectra’s products save lives, reduce our global carbon footprint, and help to alleviate stress on one of our most precious natural resources. Spectra team transforms the way the world purifies water and creates products that utilize renewable energy like solar arrays and wind turbines.

In 2015 Spectra joined with the Katadyn Group, the world leader in portable water treatment systems to bring you the most reliable, energy-efficient, and service-backed watermakers available.