Dessal Marine Tech is an official distributor for Katadyn Group, Spectra Watermakers, Parker HRO Sea Recovery, Scanstrut, Wallas Marin.

Dessal has more than 20 years of experience in seawater and brackish water purification plants. Experience supports us and if you purchase a purification system with us you will have technical assistance, start-up and warranty.

Our products are water purifiers and spare parts, solar panels, supports and accessories, oil cookers and heaters, refrigerators, survival items and more...


    At Dessal we design water treatment systems adjusting to consumption and budget and providing environmentally responsible solutions. We work with several brands of water treatment plants to offer the customer the product that best suits their needs.


    Our brands are recognized worldwide, created and tested over several decades and are trusted by thousands of customers on all continents.


    Customers who purchase a water treatment plant in Dessal receive technical advice on pre-installation, installation and start-up. We also offer an after-sales service by telephone or by video call to solve problems on the high seas or during the vacation moments that you need it most (see conditions).

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